Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She's free!

Loreli can no longer be swaddled. She's much too strong now and within seconds of Katy placing her in the cradle she's free and ends up like this.

I have yet to get a picture of her asleep in the cradle like this which is pretty funny because she's usually holding on to the slats. Silly baby!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Such a big girl!

Our little girl is growing up so fast -tear-!

She is sitting up and holding her head up so good.

She is eating, kind of, solid foods.  I don't know if rice cereal is really a solid, and I don't know if it counts as eating if you just get it all over your face, hands, hair, bib, and then sneeze and blow the rest onto one of your parents. But I guess it is still progress. 

And she is developing hobbies like reading with Auntie Trinity.

Baby Pictures

That gem of a peach Mysha came up here once, I forget when exactly but while she was just hanging around we put her to work taking pictures of our little bundle of attitude.

  Isn't she so cute!
Look how dark those eyes are. Like a little doll, but not evil.
Then we had to let the Mongolian kid in for her turn for some pictures.
And a foot.  What set of pictures is complete without a foot picture?
 Attitude, attitude, attitude. 

Poor little baby

Obviously is has been a long time since the last post but this time it wasn't because nothing new had happened for a month; no! In fact a lot has happened in the last month, but when all of your time is spent 2 states a way or driving, there is little opportunity for blogging.  So let's start catching up.
The day I left for North Dakota Loreli started running a fever and within a few hours it was  but over 104 so Katy took her to the hospital.

 From what I hear it was quite the ordeal.  Small town hospital doctors, um.., well they.., they kinda.., I'm trying to think of a word besides "suck".  They had to poke her repeatedly to try and get one blood sample,  they had to stick her repeatedly to get a spinal tap, the blood sample they finally got they contaminated, and they come up with contraptions like this to try and keep little fingers away from IV's.  And then they tell you that you should go somewhere else because they don't know anything.  So Katy and Loreli got to take a ride in an ambulance all the way down to Salt Lake City to Primary Children's Hospital.  Which was a much better place to be because they only needed one poke to do anything and they found out pretty quick what the problem was.  But it makes you realize how incompetent your small town folk were when these doctors ask "what the heck is on her head"?

She is such a trooper!  She handled things great.  She ended up being in the hospital for 6 days.  She had a thing wrong in her neck, neck pockets.  That's the technical term the doctors used. Look it up.  But she's okay now. 

 Katy's mom was good enough to fly out and be with my girls while I was out chasing that golden rainbow (the fumes at the plant make you a little goofy).  At least we can say that our baby girl isn't suffering from a lack of food.  Look at that gut.  It makes you just want to squeeze her.

 I too was eventually able to get down there after getting a few days off and recovering from my hallucinations. Katy gave me full warning about how she looked with all of the stuff poking out of her.  All is over and well now.