Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh the carnies.

A few weeks ago the fair was in town so we went to get swindled and see some animals. The kids loved the rides in their various forms of a circle...but I for one was terrified that they were going to die. Carnival rides are shady to say the least. So not Disneyland. And don't get me started on the carnies. Oh the carnies. Bless their hearts.

See...no buckles or seat belts! Jack was barely holding on toward the end. So glad he didn't die.

Animals! We saw goats, sheep, pigs, cows and horses! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

July Came and Went

So July happened. Strange. We did a whole lot in July, but we didn't seem to photograph much of it. I went to girl's camp which was fun, we celebrated a major national holiday, put our house on the market and there was a trip to Star Valley in there somewhere. Here's a bit of what we did capture.

Per Loreli's request we bought the kids a little pool to play in. Unfortunately by mid July all of the little pools are gone. So we didn't get the larger-ish one that was pink and had a slide...parental fail. 

While I was at girl's camp Shea took the kids to Star Valley...probably because he needed someone to take care of him for the week (thank's Gena) and well, it's such a fun place to visit! Especially when dad is in charge of dressing you because he let's you run around mostly naked the whole time.

Lots of swimming...

Quality time with Grandma.

Hobo Prep 101

Leisurely strolls down the driveway. Oh Jack.

Cute friends before church.

And here's a little ditty to see you on your way...