Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

There seems to be something magical about a 20 foot Christmas tree.

 Mandy got a laptop
 MaceyJo got a new snowboard

 Katy got a sleeping bag
Snowboarding boots for Kade
And Captain America undies for Shea
 Rivers and Loreli got along like a burnin' house

All the activities made for a sleepy baby.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Plenty of festivities to go around! 
Our little Violette Boregard here. 

It was clearly a very bright sunshiny day, which also means it was a rather cold day.  Fun on the snowmobiles but after a bit your facial skin gets really cold, and then you get hit with a flying crusty snow chunk and boy howdy does it sting.

Dance party.  Kade had a wii game that everyone loves. Just Dance it is called.  It is pretty fun to watch and even to play, but some of them fit in the category of torture better than dance.  This one called "Rasputin" just about killed me.  Then during another one I punched myself in the throat with the remote.  Sheesh, that a game!

 Here we had an activity I have always wanted to have, a cream soda taste off.  There were eight different brands.  There were some funky ones, some interesting ones, one that we think accidentally was replaced with hairspray, and then your regular delicious ones.  The winner, well that depends on who you ask.  Kade liked the one that tasted like bubblegum, I preferred IBC or Shasta, Katy liked the IBC, Mysha liked A&W.

Then we had our little nativity scene to go with the Luke 2 reading.  Ella was the little angel, Trinity was Mary, Bridger was Joseph.  We didn't have a donkey outfit so Kade was a moose. 

This is Loreli in her Christmas Eve dress that Katy made.  Isn't it so cute?!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet the Robersons

Loreli finally got so meet the Robersons, well most of them.  She fared the long trip rather well.  The meetings went geographically thus Granddad and Linda in Cheyenne were first. 

Wyoming has had a surprising lack of snow for how late it is in the year.  There was a bit on the ground but not much.
The next morning we were off to Laramie where Loreli met Aunt MaceyJo and Great-GrandMary (and Glenn and Ann and Terry and Aaron and Rafi but none of which were photographed). 

It being early, Loreli was a little happier on this visit than the previous one. Then just one more push for home.  After three days in a car that is piled up the the roof with all your junk, you  are just so ready to never get in  car again.

Loreli did meet Jack and Gena and Bridger but somehow only the read heads got pictures.  Operator error no doubt.
Even though I am just about eternally sick of cars we went down to Ogden so Loreli could meet her cousins and Auntie Mysha.

 Ella was so excited to hear that Loreli needed a diaper changed.  She just jumped right in there to help.  Just when we saw it was a super messy one did her mother yank her out of arms reach.  Too bad my mother wasn't there to yank me out too.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Loreli and Crew

No this is not her new hit band, just pictures of her with her minions.  Youngest first. 
Ellie holding Loreli.  I think she would be her second cousin? once removed?  Why can't we all be like the Polynesians and just call any relation no matter how distant "cousin"?
Lane and Elizabeth, the mother and sister of Ellie, whatever that makes them to Loreli.

Stacy Jr's first experience with the baby.  She did well.  We did our best to make her baby hungry but the real work is up to Jarrod.   Good luck buddy. 

Loreli's favorite person, the milk maid.
Believe it or not we took 12 thousand pictures and this was the best one of me. Long day. 
Auntie Kristen is just a natural, I mean with babies. 
Grandma No-name does pretty well too. 
Lorei with Grandpa Dunaway
I guess this makes her a Great-Gana and Great-Jason
And up from Chattanooga to visit, Great-Great Grandpa Johnny.  We told him to not giver her any liquor but he snuck some into her somehow.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 We sure hope everyone's day was as swell as ours.  We had the traditional feast over at Gana and Grandad's place. 
Here Stephen tries his best to win the admiration of a 4 year old. 
Little Loreli was the belle of the ball, being passed from arm to arm. But since she is a snuggler she really didn't mind.  I don't think she has slept that much in one day yet.  Auntie Kristen has a way with sleeping babes.
We opened Loreli's Christmas present from Aunt Lane for her, a month early.
And here lies the true meaning of thanksgiving.  As you can see that table is full, so the rest of the pies were on a different table.  That is the best problem to have.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fashion Show!

Baby Loreli has received quite a lot of clothes from admirers so she has been put through the tortures of being dressed and undressed repeatedly for the sakes of vanity and cuteness
  One of her "Grown in Idaho" onesies from Megan and Aaron

This saucey jacket and pants combo from Auntie Kristen.  Maybe she'll wear that one next year.
Her Christmas pj's she might not fit into come Christmas
Her Christmas Dress
But with all of these clothes, naked is still her favorite, and who can disagree? Naked sure does rock, as long as it's not too cold.