Friday, May 16, 2014

Nashville: egg hunt, family visits, baby shower and jumper's playhouse

This is the last and final post from our trip to Nashville. Sad. We had such a blast there!

Because Stacy and I want our kids to be winners, we had a few practice egg hunts outside. Sometimes the eggs had treats and sometimes they just had plain ol' cheerios. Regardless of the contents the kids had a blast! 

"What? Cheerios? This is messed up."

Cute cousins! These three did really well together the entire time. They did have their moments, but they recovered from them quickly. I'm just so glad they all like each other after forcibly being put together!


I asked Evelyn to make a silly face. I love this girl.

My great grandfather and is wife, Pawpaw and Phyllis, came from Georgia for a visit! It was so good to see them. It was their first time meeting baby Porter and they adored Him!

Playing magnets with Pawpaw. She loved him!

Uncle Stephen came for the afternoon Pawpaw and Phyllis were there and Jack was so happy! He loves Uncle Stephen!!

Loreli loves baby Quarter (aka Porter). She was such a helper too! She would help push his baby swing, put his pacifier in his mouth and talk so sweetly to Him. It was fun watching her be a little mom to Him.

Stacy and her cute kids.

While we were there we had a baby shower at my grandparents house for my cousin Ryan and his wife Mary Ellen. It was such a nice warm day that we spent a lot of it outside letting the kids run around and visiting. And not to forget the amazing food! Thanks for taking all of these pictures Sam! 

The hosts and the guests of honor! Gana, Granddad, Ryan and Mary Ellen

Loreli, Elizabeth and Jailyn

Mom and Porter. Check out those cheeks!

So my grandparents are awesome. They have a life size fiberglass horse that all of the kids are in love with! They went on lots of "rides" that afternoon.


Gana and baby Porter. I love how he is looking up at her admiringly. 

Evelyn and Sadie.

Khyrstyne and Stephen.

Porter and Jarrod.


 Ellie and Porter. She was smitten!

Loreli followed Elizabeth around the entire day!

On a gloomy day we went to the jumper's playhouse! It was just a large room with a handful of bouncy houses, slides and lots of chances for climbing.

On top of the mountain!

Stacy is the best!

On our last day we went to Gana's for a few hours and played. It was such a nice visit as usual. I love how these kids can't all look at the camera at the same time.

On the plane and excited to see daddy!