Monday, April 29, 2013

April Happenings

I feel like we haven't done much this month, but the pictures I've taken say otherwise. So here are a few things we've been up to.

Eating Fruit Loops from a hallowed out apple-bowl.

Lots of snuggling Dad

Finger Painting


Eating dice

Pulling up on things.

Making this sassy face

Eating lots of homemade popcorn.
Jack shovels popcorn into his mouth. It's hilarious.

I love that he's been caught in the act. So guilty looking!

Popping water balloons

So there you have it. That's pretty much the last half of April in a nut shell. As far as a house goes right now we're in the waiting stage to see if we are really going to buy a house in Lander. We have put an offer down and it's been accepted, but we are waiting for the results from an inspection that is happening on Friday. Hopefully we can get into a house and be done with the whole house looking stage!

Friday, April 19, 2013

For just pennies a day...

Do you remember this picture from our family photo shoot in 2011?

I thought it was hilarious because those eyes and that pitiful look reminded me of a Feed the Children poster. Kristen and I joked about editing the picture and adding a few flies to add to the overall pitiful look...but I dare say I think Jack has got the ole girl beat. Check out this sleepy, sad look.

Not that it's a competition or anything, but if we were going on pitiful look alone which child would you more likely feed?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing, growing, gone!

Jack is getting huge! The other day I thought he had an ear infection (he didn' I guess I'm happy, but it still doesn't explain for the fever and constant irritation) so I made an appointment. The nurse was super sweet and gave me a growth chart on him and wowee! Here are his 10 month stats:

21 pounds (40th percentile)
47 centimeters head circumference (80th percentile)
33 inches tall (well above the 97th percentile)

Yeah, that's right. Well above the 97th percentile! This boy is big and getting bigger! The doctor came in with his growth chart and asked how tall Shea was and I told her, but I knew what she was getting at so I told her that Jack has a very tall great granddad and great uncle. She said that she would be shocked if Jack wasn't taller than his dad someday. So here's to our soon to be ginormous son!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I have mentioned a few times that we live next to a shanty town. Well, it's true. But I should be completely honest, we live in a shanty town. Thankfully we don't have to live here forever and have hopefully found "the" house for us. Fingers crossed. I have finally taken pictures to share with those who have not had the pleasure of visiting our dilapidated dog pee house (it smelled strongly of dog urine when we moved in).

Notice that there is not a single straight line on the house, no foundation, and it's hard to tell from this photo but the middle of the roof sinks in a bit. Yikes!

Comes complete with creepy dead trees and a nice yard of sand and sticks.

A beautiful view of the busy highway.

And another nice view of the haunted shanty town.

 See! I wasn't's creepy! And the worst of all is our landlord owns those and wants to rent them out. I bet in North Dakota she could get a pretty penny for those!

Okay, this post makes it sound like I'm depressed. Just to clarify I am not depressed. We are making the most out of our crummy living situation and the best part is the kids could care less where we live as long as we are with them and they feel safe. Loreli looovvves it outside. There are about a trillion twigs in the yard and she loves to pick them up and do whatever a 2 year-old does with a stick. We had a little picnic today outside and both of the kids had a blast.

Jack enjoying a cheese sandwich. Check out that toothy grin!

Sir Elton joined us for luncheon.


Since we currently live 1.5 miles away from wal-mart and not 48.6 miles away like in Watford, the kids and I have spent a lot of time there. Not always buying things, but just walking around because they forbid it in the shanty town next door. It's interesting because I hate wal-mart. Seriously...but that's a whole other story. Anyway, on one of our perusings at wal-mart last month I saw this cute little wicker-ish fedora in baby Jack's size. I put it on him and he looked so cute. Immediately I knew we needed it for Easter and since Jack was getting a hat, Loreli needed one too! I haven't taken any good shots of the kids in their Easter clothes because I was hoping to find some pretty green grass somewhere, but alas we are in Wyoming and green grass doesn't exist. Or at least I haven't found any yet.

Here are their Easter outfits:

I really wanted to make Jack some aqua suspenders, but this town doesn't sell suspender clips. Boo!

He loved taking the hat off and trying to put it back on. He's so cute!

Loreli was so excited about her hat and wore it almost all day Saturday. She insisted on wearing the bow in the front.

On Easter Sunday we decorated a few sugar cookies...meaning Loreli dumped sprinkles on cookies.

This one is for you Kristen.

Shea had to work on Easter Sunday so we waited until Monday morning to do a little egg hunt. Although they are groggy, they loved their surprises. It didn't take long for them to warm up and get excited.

Loreli picked these out...bad, huh?

Loreli began to search for eggs and realized that Jack didn't have any in his bucket, so grabbed his bucket and found some for him. Such a sweet big sister!

Love this boy!
Earlier in the week I made a set of resurrection eggs and on Easter Sunday we went through and opened them and read the corresponding scriptures. This is a little tradition we have had in the Dunaway family for years and a great way to pause and take a moment to reflect on the life of the Savior and why we celebrate Easter.

We hope everyone had a good Easter!!