Friday, May 24, 2013

Jack is One!

Our little buddy is one! It's hard for us to believe, but it's true! He is full of wiggles, smiles, and squeals. We love our little Jack and are so blessed to have Him in our family!

Last year when Loreli turned two we decorated the house the night before and it was fun to see her get excited about all of the balloons and decorations. So I did the same the night before and the look on Jack's face the next morning was awesome. I love surprising my kids and making them feel special!

This is a banner I had made back when I was preggers with Jack. Hey, when there's a deal you've got to take advantage of it!

I explained to Loreli that when it's someones birthday we get them presents or make them something. She wanted to get Jack a toy and she did a good job at actually picking something he would like and not only she would like. She got him this little pull string puppy and they are both smitten.

Grrr...I forgot to cover our hideous couch and now I am kicking myself. Oh well! I think we are buying a new couch after we get into the new house next month. No more attempting to cover an ugly couch!

A few things I love about these pictures: 
1. he is sitting on this knees like a big person does 2. he's holding the puppy by the ear  3. he checks the gender of his new friend

The nice thing about having little kids is they really can't handle a lot of presents all at one time so we spread it out a bit. We had an all afternoon party: present, nap, present, cake and more presents! It was perfect! Loreli did a great job at letting him open the presents, but awaited eagerly for when he was done with a new toy or book so she could jump in and check things out.

Does she look a little guilty to you?

Cupcakes! I was excited to see Jack dive in a become a mess, but he was not interested at all. The only bites this boy took were from a fork. Boo! I also wanted to do cake outside, but there were crazy fast winds all afternoon and evening. Oh well!

More presents! He got a lot of books, two dump trucks, and bouncy balls. It's easy to keep this boy happy.

Check out the garbage in the background. Where's Robert Dunaway when you need him?

 Happy Birthday little one-year-old Jack!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Home away from home

Shea finally got some days off this last weekend so we went to Star Valley for a much needed break from our very dull lives! Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Jack discovered the creek and loved putting his toes in. I bet he would have gone swimming in it if we had let him! Oh and by the way, the water is freezing!

Have I mentioned that little Jack loves Shea? When Shea is around Jack prefers to be with him and honestly I am okay with a break now and then!

Cute kids on a wagon ride!

Mother's day picture with my cute kids!

The most enjoyed activity of all this last weekend was the "jumpoline" or what everyone else knows as the trampoline. As soon as B & T got home from school on Friday they were subjected to lots of jumpoline time. Thanks!

This girl loves to run and loved all of the space this weekend!

Cute little climber

Smiley Jack!
Yay for a nice, relaxing and dull free weekend!
P.S. for any who are wondering. We found a different house on a couple of acres in Riverton, made an offer on Thursday and on Friday it was accepted! We will be closing on June 25th and are so excited to finally get settled in Wyoming! Yipppeee!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here fishy, fishy

This weeks craft projects were a bunch of little things the kids could play with and one of the little projects I did was a fishing game for Loreli. We played it in the bathtub and that wasn't working well since the magnet kept clinging to the tub. So we filled this bucket with water and it worked perfect!

And of course Jack wanted to play too!

And sometimes they're hard to catch. Darn those flying fish!

Notice the flip-flops. I love it when she does that.

Okay, not that anyone is interested in how much I spent, but if you are here you go. We took a trip a couple of weeks ago to the Dollar Tree (I love this place...everything is a dollar!) and I found some  little plastic cutting mats. I grabbed them up because I knew I wanted to do a fishing game. I used a dowel (cut in half so I can make another one for Jack someday), paperclips, magnet, and a string that I already had. 
Total cost of project: $1!
 Oh and I also got the idea from here. Maybe one day I'll have an original idea. Maybe.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Little Artist

Lately Loreli has been really interested in drawing and for the first time a couple of weeks ago she drew people! Or what she thinks a person looks like. 

Here are a few of her drawings of the family.

Shea's tongue is sticking out. Funny!

This made me think of Jabba the Hutt.

Love the eye balls on this one.

Loreli was extra proud of this one because she drew a border around her drawing. Funny that she even knows what that is.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Jack loves Loreli! Seriously. Things may have gotten off to a rocky start with her being such a smothering spaz and all, but they get along really well now! It's pretty common for Him to get the giggles at night and when he gets like that anything Loreli does sets Him off. It's hilarious. Here's a little taste of what happens at our house at night.

P.S. I am sure you noticed the smart balance and grape jelly on his tray. No, that is not what we fed Him for dinner. That's more of a lunch time meal. :)