Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I don't know how, but Loreli knows the difference from Saturday and every other day of the week because this morning she slept in until 8:30! After she woke up she played a bit with Trin while Jack, Gena and I got some more stuff loaded in the trailer (okay, really they loaded it...I'm worthless!). Jack put this hat on Loreli and she had some fun trying to pull it off. It was a real challenge!


Note: the pictures are in black and white to spare you from our very unmatchy attire. But hey, it's a lazy Saturday!
We hope everyone is having a super lazy Saturday too!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reading, Rolling & Balloons!

 I don't know how many people know that Loreli loves to read! The first time I showed her a book (she was about a month old) she was captivated and has loved books ever since. We were having problems after she was first born with bedtime and began to make reading books apart of our routine. Auntie Trin caught on and has been a great help at reading to Loreli. Here are some pictures over the last 5 months of them reading together.

Loreli is one month old

Loreli is two months old

Loreli is 3 months old
Trin talking to Loreli during mid-read. She's so great!

Loreli is 5 months old
Poor Trinity still struggling to read with Loreli all over her
Loreli and I both love it when Trin reads to her. She has been such a help to me since we've been here and we are going to miss her so much!

On a different note, Loreli has rolled over once before but since has not shown any interest or ability to do so again. Lately when laying on her back she will twist her body in half and almost roll over. Any time I pull out the camera to get a shot of her contortionist skills she rolls back and grins at me. Curses! I got a shot last night, it's not be best because I had to be sneaky.

Just so you know, her head was on the other side of the mat when I put her down. She may not be crawling or really rolling yet, but she is moving little by little.

Loreli has also found great joy in balloons lately! Thanks Kade for having a birthday so Loreli could play with the left over balloons!

Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Plea for Spring

It would be nice if Spring would come and stay. Mother Earth is just full of so much trickery lately that she gives us awesome weather for an egg hunt and then takes it right away. These pictures of Loreli's nakie arms and legs are the hopes that Spring will come and stay for a while.

I love her chubby arms and wrists!

Stink eye? Crook eye? Evil eye!
Not very lady like Loreli!

Check out those cheeks!

We hope everyone who is experiencing Springy weather is enjoying it! 
Have a great day!

The Great Skit of 2011

Before everyone showed up to party on Easter weekend Bridger and Trinity wrote a play that was soon turned into a skit because of some scripting problems (basically there weren't enough lines for it to be considered a play). They did a fabulous job at letting the public know about it by making a few fliers and posting them. Here is one of the fliers.

As you can see the name of the skit is "Chickie Chicks" which I find interesting because there was only one chick. Oh well. They also posted an auditions sheet which was posted outside their bedroom door. I like that it says "come tell us why you should be in the play".

A few hours after the sheet was posted I saw that Trinity had gotten the part as Easter Bunny. I asked her why she should be the Easter bunny and she said "because I can hop really good!" She then proceeded to show me and man she wasn't kiddin'. That girl should go out for the long jump.

I don't really know exactly what the skit was about, but I can tell you that it involved Chickie Chick (Bridger) finding eggs, everyone eating off empty paper plates, and the Easter Bunny (Trinity) hiding eggs in Japan. MaceyJo (Mother Hen) was sweet to participate, but she really just laughed the whole time. Oh Macey, you're so funny.

I hope that Bridger sees his first skit as a complete success and that we will see more skits from him! Way to go Bridge!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


 On Friday we made these delicious egg hunt cookies that I found on this site. Even though they look kind of different, they were super yummy! Give 'em a try!

And here is MaceyJo modeling the yummy basket of cookies.


Every year on the Saturday before Easter Jack and Gena hide a billion eggs with all sorts of goodies and money! This was my fourth year participating and was my greatest haul yet with $31! I think it had something to do with Mysha not being around...she's ruthless! Just kiddin' Mysh, we missed you!

Here is the gang before the hunt.

Even Loreli wanted to hunt! She found a basket just her size. But the basket was more for gnawing on than for putting plastic eggs in.

About an hour before the hunt we saw nine deer in the pasture sniffing and kicking our eggs around. Don't worry, they didn't take all the money...only $3. Well, that's what I'd assume since 3 eggs have not been found still. Somewhere there's a deer with a hurty tummy.

Trinity and I at the end of our hunt.

The rest of the gang.

After everyone emptied their eggs we returned them to the big box and Loreli had an egg (not a ball, an egg) playing with all of the brightly colored eggs. I think she licked about every egg in the box.

It was Kade's birthday today too! Along with an awesome egg hunt he had a life long wish come true and got a pair of bionic legs! Good for him.

Also today, Jack built a boxy thing for our trailer that he picked up for us in Salt Lake yesterday. Seeing that trailer made me realize how soon we'll be moving into our house! So, I got serious and began to pack some things away. Yayy for moving into a house!

And last, but definitely not least is the cutest video of Loreli laughing! MaceyJo is a whiz at getting this kid to laugh and I finally got to get a bit on video! Yaaayyy!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Grandma & Loreli

I guess Loreli was feeling sleepy and extra snuggly so she snuggled up to grandma before her nap.  Don't you love her thumb? So sweet!

Grandma is so fabulous, we love you!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More of Loreli!

Loreli loves her hands...

and her feet! She has discovered not only how to grab her feet and pull her socks off, but also the wonders of toe sucking.

Neither of them look too excited about taking pictures.

Caring Auntie Trin.

 Loreli taking a pacifier break so she can suck on her squeaky kitty's arm. Yes, her kitty squeaks. She loves it! Thanks Great Auntie Lane for the kitty!

We hope you all had a splendiddly day!