Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coming Soon

Coming Soon to Nashville

July 12th

 Loreli McKinley 
 Jack Danger

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come.


There will be lots of singing, bear crawling, snacks, giggles, and much much more fun! Come join us!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Out On the Prairie!

We have finally moved! Hooray!

 We closed on June 24th in the morning and as soon as we could the kids and I came over and began cleaning. Yes, that's right cleaning. The people who moved out left this place grimy! It's a tad disturbing to clean up after total strangers. Anyway, here is a little tour of our new digs out on the prairie. Keep in mind though that the place is only partially cleaned, needs lots of paint, new flooring, tons of landscaping and of course all of our stuff! 

Front porch, complete with chicken poop and a muddy door. It's the previous owner's way of saying "Welcome to Wyoming"

Looking from the front door to the dining room. Our bedroom is off to the right and the kitchen on the left

This wood burning stove takes up tons of space. So we're thinking of moving it out to Shea's future shop and putting in a nice fireplace insert with some brick and other stuff I don't know the name of and a mantel!

 Front sitting room with a big coat closet off to the right

The house also came with this cute little girl. Nice, huh?

The kitchen with the hickory cabinets that I'm not allowed to paint. Behind the refrigerator is the "purple room" which is the kids room. Mind you it is bigger that the refrigerator.

The best feature in this kitchen is the deep drawers. 

The fancy "wood plank" laminate found in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room.

The bar. Off to the left you can see two open doors the first one is to the kids bathroom and the other is the "blue room" which will be Big Jack's room when he stays with us.

The kids bathroom.


The blue room

Terrible, right? That's not even the worst of it. Check out this. Apparently it's really hard to remove outlet covers before painting.

And actually, I didn't take any pictures of the purple room because Jack was sleeping. So imagine the blue room in a terrible purple, but painted even worse.

Our bedroom from the entry way.

Still in our bedroom looking into the little hallway with walk-in closets on each side and the bathroom straight ahead. 

My closet

 Shea's closet.

Bathroom vanity. To the right is a little shower and toilet nook.

Huge tub to the left of the vanity.

This doorway wasn't pictured, but to the left of the kids bathroom is the laundry room. It doesn't look like much, but keep thinking washer, dryer and lots of awesome organization. Ya feelin' it? The blue door goes out to the car hole or as you fancy French people call it, the garage.

Home of the washer and dryer. Which we purchased the other day, thanks Shea!

In this same little laundry room is a big pantry. Currently it is unorganized and full of bags/boxes of food stuffs but after we get some more shelves in there it will look awesome!

This concludes the tour of our new house, but since you came this far why don't I send you off with some pictures of our wee ones. 

Happy Jack. Seriously, he's like this 90% of the time.

Loreli enjoying a moving day donut before our laborers (Jack, Gena, B & T) came.

The classic Loreli and Jack picture on the couch that Loreli didn't care to participate in.

Yay for being home owners for the second time! May we never rent again!