Monday, September 29, 2014

A Royal Tea Party

A few weeks back while Shea was away working, I secretly planned a tea party for the kids. Nothing too elaborate, but once Loreli caught on to what I was doing she got excited and wanted to help plan our tea party. She picked out the table cloth, napkins and even invited a few guests. Jack didn't care about the set up he just wanted more jam thumbprint cookies.

Later that night when we were talking to Shea on the phone Loreli went on and on about the tea party we had and he requested that we relive this tea party experience. So we did! This time it was a royal tea party so we decorated crowns that we could wear to tea time.

Loreli was the Queen and Shea was the King. 

I love that Loreli is stuffing her face in the background.

Shea taught Loreli the phrase, "Off with his head!" We heard that one a few times during tea.

And the execution...

And then I just had to throw these pictures we took a few weeks back before going to church. Isn't this face just too cute?

And this one...

And check out this belly...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Star Valley

A few weeks back the kids and I went to Star Valley! We wanted to spend the last bit of time we could with Badger and Veronica before they headed back to the scholarly grindstone. It was fun! We did some thrifty shopping, went to a cool antiques store, picked choke cherries and sewed skirts for Trinity! And as always, my kids loved just running around and bossing their wonderful aunt and uncle around.

In the words of Loreli: "Me and my mom were picking berries and the ants climbed all over us! On my back, on my neck and on my belly! It was making me feel so horrible! And it was itching very bad! My mom got them off me and they were in my hair! It was so gross."

True story. Apparently we didn't realized we were in an ant colony. Ouch!

Jack didn't pick a single berry. Totally not his thing.

Loreli was persistent and helped me pick a whole ice cream bucket full!

Uncle Bridge is the best!

Talking on the phone...with a bag clip and a lizard.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Wyoming

Sometime in August we went to "the beach" or at least what Loreli considered the beach. First of all, there was no beach. There were rocks. And secondly, who has to drive down some farmer's private road to get to "the beach"? Yeah. Weird. But we went and played one evening and had a picnic dinner. The kids had lots of fun and we did too!

 Loreli's whole purpose of playing in the water was to get me soaked. You can see her toting her bucket full of water...sneaky devil.

Loreli trying to get Junior Asparagus to swim with nice that she was trying to involve her littlest sibling.


At the beginning of August we had our friends Carl and Tracey come visit us! We met them way back when in the Summer of 2008 in Washington D.C. while working for Pinnacle and then we all went to school at BYU-I. Years later after graduating, moving and having kids we've kept in touch and still consider them our best friends. And our kids love their kids. So it's a win win! 

Adorable and wild Vivienne. She's so fun!

Ezra is seriously so cute.

 These two realized they were slouching and not looking manly at all. So this happened. Total tough guys.

I loved watching Ezra and Loreli play. They had a blast! Last time we got them together they were both teeny! Now they can walk, talk and generally act insane together. So fun!

Here they are at Ezra, age 4 and Loreli, age 3 1/2

And way back in August 2011 with less hair: Ezra, age 1 and Loreli, 9 months

Vivienne, age 2 and Jack, age 2

Silly kids! 

And because we're lame awesome Tracey and I aren't in any pictures together! What? So here's a throwback to December 2008. Just pretend we still look like that...all full of energy and childless. Cute, right?

We love you Leder's and were so glad we got to visit with you guys!! We will definitely come visit y'all next time we have a reunion...let's not make it 3 years from now though, okay?