Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dad Day

Shea is working on Father's Day and the kids and I are escaping to Star Valley this week and then on to Utah the next week! Yaay! So I planned an early Dad Day celebration. We decorated, ate peach crisp (requested by the man himself), opened presents and drew pictures for him. It was pretty low key, but the kids loved the balloons and the excitement of opening gifts! The drawing above is the front of the card Loreli gave Shea and here is the inside.

Note: I did not prompt her in these answers, these were the ones she gave me and I just recorded.

FYI: Ms. Nesbit is a cat

Also I saw this questionnaire about a year ago and saved it because I wanted Loreli to answer these questions about Shea. Maybe if I can keep my act together we'll have the kids do these each year.

Click on photo to enlarge

We love you Shea! You're the best Dad for these two crazy kids!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Visit to SV

Here are some pictures of things we did on our last visit to Star Valley.

We spent lots of time on Big Jack's beautiful lawn.

Played baseball

Tickled the ball thief

Spent time with Uncle Mustache

Embarrassed Aunt Trinity

Climbed lots of stairs

Tried on sunglasses

Visited Haderlie Farms

Fell in love with the puppies!

 Watched Uncle Kade ride a goat

...and catch a turkey

Big Jack caught a turkey too!

Went on walks with dad

Jumped on the "jump-o-line"

More playing on the luscious green grass

And climbed this ladder a dozen times a day to see the robin eggs

Yay for fun times in SV! Oh how we wish we were visiting right now!