Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hooray for babies!

I know what you're thinking. Nope I am not pregnant. But my sister Stacy just had her little baby boy yesterday! 

Meet Porter Jackson Griffy!

I can't wait to squish this little guy in April!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I love to see the temple

This last week we went to Utah! We had a blast swimming, relaxing, shopping and eating sugar bread. Mmmm....sugar bread.We also bought a big dining table! Hooray for us growing up. 

So for the last couple of months Loreli has been asking to go see a temple and since there aren't any super close we took the time while we were in Utah and walked around the Mt. Timpanogos temple. And of course our walk around the temple is the only thing I photographed. Classic Katy. Taking zero pictures on a trip.

Monday, January 6, 2014

To early for Independence?

Yesterday was cold. That term has become relative though.  What really is cold? Sometimes -10 feels warmer than +22 with a strong wind.  5 degrees outside is really cold, but 50 degrees in the house is "freezing".  Anyway yesterday evening before it got dark Loreli decided she wanted to go outside.  It was 1 degree, but no wind so you be the judge of where that cold ranks.  I didn't want to go outside then, and Katy didn't want to go outside then, so for selfish reasons we told our child "no, it's too cold."  So she just went and got all of her snow clothes and put them on herself.  I thought this was an impressive feat for a 3 year old. She got her snow bibs, boots, coat and even got the zipper on the coat started.  She did need help with the mittens and hat, but then she went outside.  Like a good father I maintained my position and let her go by herself, but I did watch from the window, and when I wasn't I set Jack at the post, so she was always being looked out for.

Oh Loreli, by the way.  Since you are out there already, why don't you shovel off the porch. That's a good girl.

Jack manning the post, while drooling greek yogurt on my window.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Day

Due to a workaholic's schedule Roberson family Christmas 2013 was celebrated a couple days late.  Fortunately our children don't know how to tell time or read a calendar so no fuss.  Since it was late we were also blessed to have extra company.  Those from Star Valley came over to par-tay with us. 
The morning stated fairly late.  Loreli was sleeping in our bed for some reason and she was sleeping when Katy woke up and said to me "It's Christmas."  This reached the sleeping babe and she woke up and immediately started jumping on the bed in Christmas elation,"It's Christmas time!"

They were pretty good and the present opening lasted a while since they played with each toys they had opened before moving on.  Jack didn't open his last present until 8 that night. 

All the extra large princess coloring pictures needed to be spread across the entire house

I love the face he's making!

Recently Jack has loved playing with blocks.  He even takes a handful to bed every night and we can hear him playing for a while after we put him down. 

Katy had just as much fun making these presents for Loreli as she has had using them. She made her four dress ups: Cinderella, Snow White , Belle and Minnie Mouse.

Katy made this sleeping bag that Loreli is in right there. Now Loreli sleeps in it in her bed every night.

I really needed a dive knife with all the oceanic interaction we have here in central Wyoming. 

Happy New Year!