Monday, February 24, 2014

Fun Kids

Days at home mean lots of fun with kids

Lots of smiles.  Mr. Jack likes hearing protection, which actually makes him louder so for the rest of us it is not so great, but he's happy so whatever. 
 The kids like Hide-and-seek.  Loreli is getting better about varying her hiding location
Not Jack.  Hide in the pantry 20 times out of 20 (20 out of 19 actually because the next day we weren't playing but couldn't find Jack.  Yep, just sitting in the dark in the pantry.)
 And fun with face paint

 She's not actually trying to color inside his mouth.  Weird angle

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A little progress.

The day before we officially moved in over here on Prairie Breeze I went through the house and took some pictures because we knew there were lots of things we were going to change. And I love a good before and after picture. We have changed a lot and are continuing to make this little place ours. One day we'll have to do a big house update post because this place looks a whole lot better and not to mention a whole lot less smelly. 

Today I bring to you a few pictures of our hall bathroom. This is what it looked like the day before we moved all of our junk stuff in. Very dingy white and light tan. My favorite color is light tan.

A few months later Shea tiled and then we painted the walls. At first we pretty much hated the green walls, but I guess after a while you get used to things or we really just didn't want to paint again. Regardless we stopped complaining. I think the shower curtain brings it together a bit. And then just last month I painted the vanity! The hickory cabinet doors had a bit of water damage so I convinced Shea to let me paint them. Actually, I just started priming and there was no turning back. I really like the vanity in white. It lightens things up and makes the whole bathroom feel bigger.

You say the blue painters tape looks fabulous? Well, thanks, but that was because I thought I'd be brave and paint the hideous laminate lava counter top we had in there. And I did and it doesn't look too bad! This was my second attempt. The first one wasn't too great. Try, try again...right?

Now all we have left to do:
- cut, paint and hang the "frame" for the mirror
-seal the counter top with polycrylic
-Caulk and caulk some more
-add some art or photos
-buy a pretty rug for in front of the vanity

So not a lot left to do, but who wants to bet that it won't be done until November?

Sunday, February 16, 2014


After 6 years of marriage I'm finally a bachelor.