Tuesday, June 21, 2011


While Loreli and I were playing for a couple of weeks in Tennessee, Shea took the liberty to do some decorating in our house. When we returned I noticed that he hung this picture up in Loreli's room.

I asked him why he hung that picture on her wall and he said "she needs some motivation." Hilarious! Every time she sees this picture it makes her more motivated to crawl, sit like a pro, and quit that horrid habit of sucking on her toes. Thanks Shea for knowing what our little girl needs!

Now this wouldn't be a post without a cute picture of Loreli.

Have a great day y'all!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roll Call!

Just to make sure that our efforts are appreciated by someone other than ourselves please post a comment to this post; any comment.  Such as "hello", "How's it going", your name, "4" or any such little thing.  Just checking. Thanks.

Oh Happy Day!

Happy Father's Day Shea!

Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and father! I love seeing you interact with Loreli because in our few years of marriage I don't think I've ever seen you get all googly-eyed over a cute little baby nor talk in that funny voice you do around her. I love it! Well, I hope that this is a fantabulous father's day for you because frankly it won't take much to beat last year. We love you and can't wait to par-tay tonight!

Katy & Loreli

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Disclaimer: no one else will think this is funny other than me, because I am her mom and it's my duty to laugh at my child. So I apologize for making you watch this video because it has no point.

Lovely Day

Since we've returned from Tennessee it's been rather rainy and windy here in North Dakota. We normally go on a walk everyday, but our walking plans have been spoiled due to the rain. But today is perfect! It's 69 degrees and sunny with the perfect breeze every now and then. Absolutely lovely! So today I greased Loreli up with some sunscreen and bug spray and we headed to the park for a bit. 

Don't you love her big, gaping mouth? Somehow this constitutes a smile.

Pointy tongue!

I hope everyone is having a great day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stupid Pianos

Whoever designed the piano really didn't take into consideration all those who might have an interest in playing. 
 Getting started is okay 
But some of those keys are so dang far away.  The ones on the end might as well be in Colorado.
And it's almost impossible to play while holding a duck.  Didn't they think about that.  Rubber ducks get no regard I tells ya. 
Maybe she'll have better luck with the spoons or bongos. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Beat the Heat

The other day we went shopping and Loreli had a nice time being pushed around in the stroller by her aunts, but on the way home there was a air conditioning fiasco and we were all sweating like crazy. When we got home Loreli and I put on our swimsuits and went swimming in my parents big tub! It was wonderful, but lets just clarify that the jets don't work unless there is a lot of water. Otherwise the water just explodes everywhere which could make for great fun if you wanted to be shot in the eye with water.

Playing before bath time. Yes, yes. She took two baths that day. 

Oh gollywobbles. Check out those slobbers!
We hope everyone is staying cool and having a fabulous summer thus far!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things Loreli is Learning

Since we've been here in Tennessee she is picking up a lot of new things.

She's now a southern belle. Something she definitely couldn't have learned in North Dakota.

She's learning how to scoot! It's hilarious to watch because it usually involves her face in the carpet and her butt high in the air. Hilarious.

This is what her face will look like in the future if she ever applies mascara.

She's been learning how to act around dogs. We're not sure if she likes dogs or not. She sometimes looks really excited and sometimes really uncertain of her feelings.

Loreli has learned how to butt heads with people. Literally.

Did I ever mention that the last 3 weeks Loreli has been rolling around like crazy? She had fun rolling around at Gana and Granddad's and playing with the ginormous plush dog.

Loreli can swim! Okay...not really, but she loves to be in the pool.
I guess I should say that she's learned to squint because it was dang bright at the pool.

Thanks for the swimsuit Mysha! 

Gramps taught Loreli how to drive. She loves it!

Another thing that Loreli has been learning is to sit up. She's been sitting awesome for the last 4 days and even though she topples a bit here and there I think she'll be sitting like a pro before we head back home.
We hope that all is well with all y'all!