Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New House and Stuff

The last 6 weeks have been, eventful.  Pretty much everything with the move and then a birthday and trying to get furniture to put in the new house.  You know, just a lot of, blah. 
 Trying to pack up and clean the house in Wyoming meant that the kids got to watch more shows than we usually like to permit.  They were okay with it. But that position looks a little uncomfortable. 
Loreli has always been a little too adventurous for her own good.  She got stuck in a chair and I made her sit there are squeal so I could get the camera.  I know I will be able to use this picture in the future some how. 
One month ago we closed on a house here in Greeley CO.  Luckily the sellers pushed to move the closing date up one week, because the original closing date was in the middle of that arctic attack thing and it was 0 degrees and below all week.   We stayed the night before in Laramie with my Grandma (thanks G Mary) and then came down to close that morning, then we went to Sonic and came and sat on the floor of our newly purchased home and ate lunch.  Katy spend the next few hours on the phone getting our utilities set up while I moved a lot of stuff in.  Some day I might be grateful for hundreds of pounds of food storage, but that day was not one of them. 

We have made a few visits to the local GoodWill looking for housey things and Loreli found the greatest thing ever made by man.  I refused to purchase it, but for just a few minutes it was hers. 
Loreli is getting very good at writing and copying words and letters
 And at climbing trees

However she it not so good at sledding just yet

 The house came with a swing set.  I think the kids see it more as we bought a swing set and a house came with it  
The grocery store Katy goes to, has a little horse ride that costs a penny.  Seriously 1 cent.  This last time there was just a pile of pennies sitting there.  Take-a-penny-leave-a-penny deal but for horse rides.  Nice.