Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Park Day 2: DISNEYLAND!!!!!

 We got there when the parked opened and it was amazingly empty.  We walked onto every ride for almost three hours.
We took a tour through Tarzan's tree house.  I remember when this was the Swiss Family Robinson's house, but I guess no one remembers them anymore so they had to modernize it a bit. 

 A nice little jungle cruise. 

 Loreli was so excited to take a picture with Minnie Mouse. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Park Day 1: California Adventure!

Here you go MaceyJo.  Park day 1 consisted of a day at California Adventure. It was very nice, good weather, and we were close enough to walk to the park. 

 Little wait to get into the park but that is to be expected. 
First Disney rider ever.  Mater's Revenge (or something).  It was a spinning ride and Loreli wasn't really a fan. 
We never really knew what Jack was a fan of.  I think this is is excited face. 
 Another spinning ride
You can fit a lot of little people into one ladybug. 

 The "car" rides were quite popular.  But according to Jack they were all "car" rides.  Except the horse rides, those were a big hit too.
But we did have to deal with folks being too short to ride many times (sheesh Mom).
 Pirates meet Bugs Life

Possibly Jack's favorite, the Carousel.  We did this probably as much as every other ride combined. 
This is a pretty good ride too.
At night C.A. does this show called "The World of Colors" or some such.  It was pretty cool.  Think of the Belagio fountains mixed with a movie, lazer light show and a sleeping child on your head.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Never having been to Disneyland before, the kids really didn't know what was going on.  We said we were going to a big park where Cinderella lives. Pretty close right?
But first we had to get to So Cal.  We had 12 days off so we decided to take our time on the driving, no need getting burnt out during vacation. 

Day one we just went to Springivlle to stay with Mysha and Jason.  The next day of travels was only going to take us to Vegas and along the way we stopped for lunch and play time in St George. 

Good times had by all. 

Staying at a hotel without a pool is no longer an option
We couldn't check into our hotel till pretty late in the afternoon so we went straight to the beach when we got to Cali. Loreli was pretty reluctant to play in the ocean.

Jack however thought that playing in the sand was about the greatest thing ever. 

They both warmed up to the ocean and Jack thought it was hilarious to get hit with a wave.