Friday, March 22, 2013

Breaking News

Jack can crawl! Okay, I know that it's not really breaking news, but to Jack I'm sure it feels like it! I know a lot of parents dread the crawling stage, but I love it! I love it when my kids come crawling around the corner looking for me or crawl over to play with a toy...I love a bit of independence!

 We love our little man!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is here!

Some of you may think we moved to Riverton because Shea accepted a job with a really great company. Well that is true, but really we moved here to escape winter and welcome spring a couple months early! Seriously the weather has been aaaa-mazing! We have wanted to spend nearly every moment outside...but seeing that we live next to a shanty town right off the highway the kids get scared every couple of minutes because a huge truck drives by we spend lots more time indoors. We did make it to the park the other day so the kids could swing and Loreli could climb stuff. It was great fun!

This was Jacks very first time swinging!

He didn't like the chair swing.

 Loreli thinks it's funny to never look at the camera.

I love that little snickering face she's making. Funny.

It was also Jack's first time eating grass.


Loreli climbing! She had such a blast and didn't want any help because she said "Lo-e-li do it!"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Buddy Jack

 Our little buddy Jack is so much fun to be around! He is fairly easy going...loves food, toys, books, outings, car rides, Loreli, making noise, and a good nibbling. At his last doctor appointment he weighed in at a whopping 21.4 pounds...and he's only 9 months! A big boy.

He loves his jumperoo! Thanks Gramps and Nina, we use it daily!

One of Jack's favorite things to do is to empty buckets and bags full of things. He often sits on the kitchen floor emptying the crock with all of my kitcheny tools while I cook dinner. It means more things to wash, but he's happy! 

 So he still isn't crawling. He gets around alright, but it's all in reverse. This is a huge source of frustration to him because he gets stuck in awkward situations and can't get out of them. Just this morning he attempted a few forward lunges and bashed his head pretty bad, but kids are he did it again. So is it resilient or forgetful? Hmmm.

Under the table before the the mess back there?

Under a chair in the kitchen.

If anyone has seen Jack he has some unruly hair. Why doesn't hair grow evenly? Come on! So I took a dive and cut his hair. It was going okay, until he realized I was doing something to his head and then I called in the reinforcements to hold his little head.

We love our little Jack!

I'm 27. What?

I had a birthday on Thursday and as I was reminded by dear Bridger, "You're almost 30! 3 more years!" Well I had truly never thought of it before, but thanks for the thought Bridge.

We had a little party that night after Shea came home from work. When he got home he said he felt terrible because I had cooked my own dinner, made my own cake and decorated for my own party. It was fun though! The kids were prefect all day and they loved the balloons and streamers! And  what kid doesn't want to "help" make frosting? Loreli surely does.

cute mini cake stand I got from Kristen & Matt. I love it!

Loreli wanted to join in the birthday candle blowin' fun so we let her have a few turns.

It was a great day! The night before my birthday Shea let me open a present (or more like made me) and he got me a Nikon D-3100! I love it, but I am a bit overwhelmed at what to do with it. Yes, I know take pictures...but have you seen all the knobs and doohickeys those things have? Intimidating.  On the day of my birthday big Jack was here and he came bearing gifts! They (Gena and Jack) gave me a tripod for my new camera and a painting that Jack did of Loreli. It's amazing!  When I opened it Loreli said, "Loreli!!!" She knew exactly who it was and now every time she passes by it she says, "'s a Loreli!"

I also got another awesome card from Trin which took another jab at my new age. Normally on her birthday cards she draws a cake with candles in the amount of your new age...apparently 27 is too high a number to draw the candles. Oh well.

Here's to another awesome year in my late 20's!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh Loreli

Before, during and after the move Loreli has been a complete delight! She is really good a preoccupying her time doing some of the most random things, but as long as it doesn't include her getting hurt or hurting baby Jack or making a total mess, who cares...right? 

While packing the bathroom before the move, Loreli thought it would be fun to put on all the headbands. She's so funny!

Wearing pants on her head

 She also thought it would be fun to put on every shirt she owned.

I think that pink shirt is her 7th layer.
For a while there she kept on falling into baskets, buckets or whatever she could fit into and then call for me saying, "mommy, mommy! I stuck!"

We love our funny little girl!