Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kinda' fright night.

So our party was probably nothing compared to what Queen of Halloween Mysha has in store this year but there was a gathering of sorts. 
 Pumpkins!  Truthfully I think it's gross to carve out pumpkins but it is fun to see the end product.  It is even more fun when you come up with your own design and make something totally rockin'.   Alas, this year I just used the book's pattern, but it did end up looking pretty wicked.
 Carving mini pumpkins helps to observe political correctness. 

 The finished products.
 There wolf!
As well as pumpkins, we carved tin cans.  That's right my gal is the crafting goddess humanized. 
 Take and ordinary tin can, shoot it with a shotgun and if you are really good your pattern turn out like this...

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Mysha said...

That wolf is amazing! And "my cans! my precious antique cans! Look whatcha done to 'em!"