Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An one more makes, uh...10,11,12, denominator...

Kade finally did what we all thought would be a much longer time coming and got himself hitched.
This is actually at the reception instead of outside the temple where one was completely exposed to the elements which were in abundance that day.

It was 18 degrees out.  And Jennacy was wearing short sleeves.  Girls these days.  Okay so Katy was also wearing short sleeves on our wedding day which was also in late December, but there was no snow around. It rained most of that day but I don't recall the temperature being all that bad.
Here's Kade with all the nieces.  It's hard to pose for pictures when you don't really have a neck.  And what's the point it putting babies in cute clothes when you are just going to wrap them up in a blanket anyway?  The hat is cute and functional too.

Some pictures of Jack and G with the grandgirls, which includes all grand babies.  We need to get some boys in there. But insurance needs to come first this time. yikes!
At the reception to keep people entertained (mostly the little-uns) they had the just dance game going.  Party on!

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