Friday, June 3, 2011

Beat the Heat

The other day we went shopping and Loreli had a nice time being pushed around in the stroller by her aunts, but on the way home there was a air conditioning fiasco and we were all sweating like crazy. When we got home Loreli and I put on our swimsuits and went swimming in my parents big tub! It was wonderful, but lets just clarify that the jets don't work unless there is a lot of water. Otherwise the water just explodes everywhere which could make for great fun if you wanted to be shot in the eye with water.

Playing before bath time. Yes, yes. She took two baths that day. 

Oh gollywobbles. Check out those slobbers!
We hope everyone is staying cool and having a fabulous summer thus far!

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patshala said...

Oh my goodness, Katy, she is adorable! I love her swimming in the bathtub pictures. She is loving that!