Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bedframes and Big Grins

There are some traits that I have (or had) I think would be good for Loreli to posses or gain.  One that really would have been better that she try and escape is the ability to direct facial injuries to the eye area.

She is having a Popsicle, because hurt girls get whatever they want (don't let Katy know I said that).

I would like to say that I was uninvolved with this injury, but I guess we are going to have to always use the "how long until one of the kids starts crying" guess when dad is playing.  I was chasing her and she did this lunge, fall thing into the metal bed frame.

On a happier note, Loreli will now smile on command, occasionally.

and this last one is the best 

Prima Donna! 

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