Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Teepee!

I have wanted to make a teepee for the Loreli for a while now and finally got around to it! Thank goodness for naps, right? I didn't embellish much because...well...that would have taken more time. One day when Loreli doesn't just scribble all over and won't eat paints we can spend a day outside painting it. Until then it's plain ole boring canvas! I do wonder why I continue to make her things since she doesn't get too excited about them and I've come to the conclusion that I really make them for me. I would have loved a teepee like this when I was a kid! Who knows, maybe she'll appreciate it more as she gets older.

Maybe she does like it!

In case anyone is curious...I found the tutorial at Smile and Wave, bought one 9' x 12' drop cloth for $15, bought two rolls of 7/8" grosgrain ribbon for $4, and we already had some eight foot 2 x 4's that Shea cut to make the poles. Totaling to $19 and only 4 hours between naptime and bedtime! Woot!


Cami Rae Strasser said...

So cute!! I saw one on another blog but coordinating naps can be tricky! And sometimes Carli doesn't take them :( But it's so darling and 4 hours sounds more doable.

PatShala said...

That is awesome. My nephews had a teepee and loved it! You are such a fun momma!

Season said...

How cool is this!!!!I love it. You will need to teach me how to sew!I'm tired of paying good money on drape panels!

Tehmi said...

That is fantastic! I should have thought of that earlier this summer!