Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Horse

One day when Loreli and Shea went on a walk...well really Loreli escaped and Shea chased her down and instead of bringing her home they went on a walk. I was too busy for such a walk because I was using my precious hands to stir food or hold a baby. Anyway, this one day when they went on a walk they passed a quite icky looking home and the lady that lived there asked if Loreli would want a horse. Shea said "sure" and then moments later after loading it in the pickup and unloading it we had a horse in our backyard! It's the perfect animal for us...we don't have to feed it, provide it with shelter or give it any attention. Perfect!

In this picture I asked Loreli what sound a horse makes and she said "RAAAWWRRRR!" 


Macey said...

Man! you guys are like the masters of collecting free/inexpensive treasures. It's awesome. We had a horse like that once.... I think.

Anonymous said...

Our family has a bad habit of collecting horses that other people no longer want! Mom

monte and gena said...

And if she bucks off the horse, there is always that soft spot on the ground where the axe is laying.