Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Loving Siblings

 During our visit in Star Valley there were plenty of opportunities to capture precious moments between Loreli and Jack. Loreli loves Jack and he is beginning to get excited every time she comes around. Loreli is getting really good at sharing toys, talking quietly, giving hugs, and making her brother giggle...she's on her way to becoming the best big sister ever!

Concerned that Jack wasn't smiling at the camera.

One day the sprinkler was running and Loreli wanted to go play in it. She had no idea the water was freezing and after figuring this out she decided to take a little rest on the porch.

Jack did a little tummy time on Loreli's chest...

She wasn't a fan.

Squishy cheeks!

Look at that cute face...he loves her!

 One cold morning we went to check on Shea's hard work (which we will document later with before and after photos) and we got these pictures! I think these are the first pictures I have taken with my two kids since Jack was born!

Take one
Take two

Take three



PatShala said...

SO ADORABLE! Sibling love! How precious!

Carrie Page said...

They are both so cute!