Thursday, November 15, 2012

Loreli is Two!

 Loreli is two! On Monday we had an all day party with just our family. Sunday night after the kids went to sleep we blew up balloons, hung streamers, birthday banners and set out the presents. She was so excited to see a pile of presents and all of the decorations when she woke up.

We started the day off right with some whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes. Yum!

And then with some help from a creepy hooded man she opened a gift from Grandma & Jack.

Don't you love the PJ combo? Good thing she got new PJs from Jack and grandma!

After playing for a couple of hours it was time for lunch. So we had a Loreli inspired lunch which consisted of pigs in a blanket, chips and juice. Her kind of meal!

 And then it was present time!

Hmm...these look good for steppin' on.

Painting supplies!
A new baby doll and fun accessories!

 Time for cake!

Here she is blowing out the candles. Or trying to blow them out anyway.

And then after we had cake our party was over and time for a nap! She has never been more excited to take a nap than she was on this day because she had to try out her the new pillows and blankets for her babies.

Cute new PJs from Jack and Grandma.

The day after her birthday she got a package from Kristen and Matt and a letter from MaceyJo and Kyle. She was thrilled to get mail! Here she is opening the gift from Kristen and Matt and also decorating her poor brother with the stickers from Kyle and Macey.

Poor brother. I turned my head for 30 seconds and when I turned around she had emptied the entire sheet of stickers onto his forehead. Jack didn't seem to mind!

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