Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Last Couple of Weeks

Here is a short summation of August thus far.

Lots of potty time. Team effort style.

Since Shea and I have been painting a whole lot lately, Loreli has felt left out so she has been painting lots of other things. This has been a perfect way to keep her occupied while we work. 

Here's ole Jack Paintbrush-hands

This month we have finished painting every room in the house except for the main room. We were having lots of issues choosing, but finally we both decided on the pale green on the far left! Yay! We may hate it in a few weeks, but we agreed on the color and now have 3 gallons of it. Now we're committed.

More pictures to come of the house once the new carpet and hardwood floors are in!
I pinned a project earlier this summer for a water table and have been wanting to make it for quite a while. SO I finally buckled down and made it on Thursday along with another old pin.

This is going to sound lame, but this is the first thing I have ever made with wood. Obviously it's not complex, but I did it all by my lonesome while Shea was off working a million hours at the plant. The best thing of all though is the kids love it! Check out these cheesy faces.

The other project I did on Thursday was a bean bag toss. And on Friday Loreli helped me sew and fill the bags. She is seriously such a good helper!

Yeah my holes aren't symmetrical or fancy at all...give a gal a break. Hole saws are hard to use.

Playing in dad's tent

Love those smushy cheeks

And that wraps up what we've been up to for the last couple of weeks.

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Brother Pat said...

WOW!! You are sooooo amazing!! The water table looks super fun!! Way to go once again to the mom of the year!!