Saturday, March 22, 2014

Park Day 1: California Adventure!

Here you go MaceyJo.  Park day 1 consisted of a day at California Adventure. It was very nice, good weather, and we were close enough to walk to the park. 

 Little wait to get into the park but that is to be expected. 
First Disney rider ever.  Mater's Revenge (or something).  It was a spinning ride and Loreli wasn't really a fan. 
We never really knew what Jack was a fan of.  I think this is is excited face. 
 Another spinning ride
You can fit a lot of little people into one ladybug. 

 The "car" rides were quite popular.  But according to Jack they were all "car" rides.  Except the horse rides, those were a big hit too.
But we did have to deal with folks being too short to ride many times (sheesh Mom).
 Pirates meet Bugs Life

Possibly Jack's favorite, the Carousel.  We did this probably as much as every other ride combined. 
This is a pretty good ride too.
At night C.A. does this show called "The World of Colors" or some such.  It was pretty cool.  Think of the Belagio fountains mixed with a movie, lazer light show and a sleeping child on your head.  

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Carl and Tracey said...

Katy!! Ok, so I promise I stalk every single blog post of yours. Not creepy at all. I just never comment because I'm lazy, but to sum it all up, I love reading about what y'all are up to! Disney looked fabulous- I love Lorelei's Minnie dress!!! You guys are all looking great and I'm hopeful that we will coordinate a wonderful reunion soon. We are possibly road-tripping westward in August- camping here and there, so perhaps then?! 4th of July long weekend?! Anyway, options are available. Keep keeping me up to date on your lives, Shea and Katy!