Monday, May 12, 2014

Nashville: traveling, party time, pictures and discovery Center

Get ready for a long post my friends...

Continuing our backwards trip in time takes us to Nashville! We got there late Wednesday night and despite the long travel day the kids didn't sleep a wink on the plane. What the heck? Shea had to cut his trip short because he works or something and because flights coming in and out of Jackson Hole are limited he had to fly a different airline. Lame. So I traveled with both kids and they were awesome the entire time...even when we had to run to the gate in SLC because our layover was teeny tiny.

Me and Jack on the plane. He was quite sweet the whole time!

And this is pretty much what she did the entire plane ride.

The very next evening Shea and I went on a date! It's been a while, so we were stoked. We went to eat delicious steaks at Longhorn and then went to TPAC to see Wicked!! We have waited a long time to see 7 years and was amazing!

At dinner acting a fool because we're kid free!

A few days later we took family pictures...again! Mysha took pictures on the beach of us which have yet to be shared with you (remember, we're traveling back in time. We'll get there). It was the coldest day we had there, but we had some good company so it wasn't too miserable. Here's a bit of what we captured on the sidelines and then what was really taken by the fabulous Christy.

Matt & Kristen! We love them!

Loreli pretending to be shy.
Season and Kristen! Such pretty smiles

The whole gang minus Amy, Ryan and Jackson

Gramps and Nina with the grandkids!

Our little huddled family

I like how Jack is trying to squeeze out a smile. A little too much squeezing?

Later that day it warmed up so Stacy, Shea and I took our little ones to the park. It was nice for them to get away from our boring adult activities and get their wiggles out.


Stacy and Evelyn! I love these two!

Sliding owies. 

Shea had to leave Sunday morning, but we stayed for a few more weeks and played! The Monday after Shea left we went to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro. This place is amazing! There are so many little centers to play at that we hardly covered them all. Loreli, Eveyln and Jack were in heaven! They were so hard to photograph the entire time because they were sprinting from place to place discovering new things. The first place we went was set up as a tiny town where the kids could play grocery store, deliver the mail, work at home depot or the music store. It was fun to watch them get excited and run all over the place. 

Loreli working the cash register and Evelyn buying something. So cute.

Playing music!

 Working at home depot mixing the paints. 

The discovery center had this water area that was supposed to teach about hydroelectric energy and currents. The kids just liked playing with the boats and making the water squirt up.

I love this face! She is so much fun!

Jack was a little clueless the entire time.

They had an awesome old fire truck and a station that taught about fire safety. Jack loved driving it!!

Look at that serious face.

Upstairs they had a Curious George exhibit, a train and "coal mine", an old car, a station that showed you how to do auto repair and maintenance, a huge twirly slide, an awesome large train set, tunnels to climb in, a rocket...and tons more. Too bad the kids were spazing all over that I couldn't get good pictures of it all!

Whew! I hope you survived that long post.


Kristen Ellen said...

Come back! We miss you already. I just love it when Loreli talks about Anna and Elsa!

PatShala said...

I LOVE the family pictures - SO beautiful!