Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jack is Two!!

Last month Jack turned two!!
 A few days before his birthday Shea built him a sand box! Jack loves to dig and explore outside so this was the perfect gift for him. 

Our happy little guy!

And a happy sister who benefits from a fun present!

We were in Utah for Jack's birthday because it was also the weekend of  Mandy's wedding! Hooray for celebrating lots of occasions! It was the first birthday party we have ever had for our kids with extended family members present...strange, huh? Uncle Bridger's birthday is the day after Jack's so we had a combined birthday party for them. Thankfully Bridger is the coolest 12-year-old around because he didn't mind sharing a party with a little 2-year-old!

Aunt MaceyJo and Jack

In keeping with the whole digging present theme we made him a digging cake! It was the simplest thing ever and it made Jack very happy indeed! Mmmm....candy rocks.

The birthday guys opening presents.

Cake time!

And this is quite literally how the cake was served. The kids sat outside and devoured it.

Hooray for our little two year old! We love you so, Jack!

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