Friday, April 16, 2010

A beggining and an end

Since we were going to be off again doing our own thing this summer I was threatened with much bodily harm from trollish siblings if I didn't start and meticulously maintain a blog for all to see what we were up to. We are actually in Alaska now but I thought it would be too much to just jump into that before we set the stage of our summer adventures. But then I had to decide where to start. I could have added my own views to the Chuck Norris/Easter event which contained much more cheating and black lung than Mysha really gave justice to but why tell the same story twice. Then I though it would be appropriate to have a blog entitled "Why Canada sucks" but thought that might be offensive to some and I really didn't have any pictures verifying my statement, so lets just start at Katy's graduation.

Katy's folks came into town to see Katy graduate
Their conclusion: Idaho is ugly, Wyoming is not

The Wyoming fam came too, well most of them

Their conclusion: At least our son's wife isn't a college dropout

Megan and Aaron came too which we were very glad of.

The following pictures went something like this:

"1..2..Katy's pregnant..3, snap".One Second later the mothers realize something was said, fathers still nothing

Two seconds later fathers realize what was said and mothers start dancing, and within that one second Shea dons a pair of sunglasses for some reason.


Mysha said...

Pear sunglasses?! I want some!

Mysha said...

p.s. I resent being called a troll- you hairy, slimy, nurf herder

Shea Roberson said...

you've been watching star wars, troll.

Kristen Ellen said...

I love the way your pregnancy was announced. So cute! The pictures are priceless.

Lonny said...

WOO HOO!! i must say, johnny and i had quite a laugh over the pictures at the end there...oh man...