Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome to Alaska

 So here is Katy standing in front of the dry harbor in Skagway, AK. This is a tiny town that is fed 100% by tourists that are brought in by the big cruise ships. So showing up before tourist season began meant we came to a dead city. The only place we could find to have dinner was a smoke filled bar where a large, not so great pizza was $25!  Breakfast was easier to find since there was a nice bakery in town but it closed at "4ish". 

From there we got on the ferry to get to Juneau.
Katy was cold and sad that her hair was blowing.
Once we got to Juneau Katy remembered going and seeing the Mendenhall glacier from when she visited here before, so we went and saw that.  She said is was this huge beautiful glacier. 
I do admit that is is very pretty, but big?  Look it's only about as wide as her arm span.  I've seen snowballs bigger than that.

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patshala said...

Thanks Shea for the blog! I will be a frequent reader! Congrats Katy on graduating! I love Juneau! I miss it, please post lost of pictures! Try to get a free whale watching tour - the night time ones are best because of the food! Congrats on the upcoming baby! How exciting!! We love y'all!