Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day!

I love celebrating insignificant holidays like valentine's day because anything that you get or do is amazing, because who really expects much on valentine's day? We had a little party just us 3 beginning with some heart shaped whole wheat pancakes for breakfast and then for lunch we had yummy homemade pizza, heart rice krispies, delish chex mix, and chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!
Our yummy treats.
We even all got little presents! I made a carrying case that holds colored pencils and a notepad for Loreli. She loves it! Loreli got Shea a huge tub of ice cream and I got him a movie and the game boggle. Shea got me some large glass measuring cups/mixing bowls, a meat and a candy thermometer, and rolos. I love kitcheny things. See what I mean...anything is amazing on Valentine's day!

Yes, I made her a valentine's day dress. Not much to do in ND!

We then ended the day with getting ourselves wrapped up into a long strand of yarn which was rather hilarious to watch.

Hope y'all had a great valentine's day!


PatShala said...

You made her dress? Love it! It turned out much better than our matching pj's, skirts, and purses during YW times, huh? Cutie,cutie,cutie!

Kristen Ellen said...

I love your V day party treats! So cute!

Carl and Tracey said...

what fantastic holiday to make even more extra special :) love that little loreli!