Thursday, February 9, 2012

One Little Monkey...

I guess climbing follows walking in the child progress chain. 

 Though this brings us joy to see her grow and develop, I can think of at least two problems with a climbing child:
1. She can get to more stuff.  Once Loreli started to pull herself up on stuff, Katy wanted to get rid of all of our end tables and night stands because we couldn't keep anything on them anyway.  Now what? We get rid of all of our chairs, tables, counters, desks, beds and barbeque grills? 
2. She isn't really good at climbing so it results in lots of crying from injury.
 No chairs are safe.
Even though she was super happy in this shot, it scares me.

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Mysha said...

I can't wait for the post where she has climbed up, found the baby powder and shot it alllll around the house! Can you imagine when she can get the fridge open?! The Horror! You guys could always adopt an Indian culture living and just have pillows as furniture! You could all sleep on been bags.