Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Kids

We have kids now. It's a little weird. Anyway. Since we've been back in North Dakota we haven't been up to much. Baby Jack is proving to be the sweetest baby ever! He really is wonderful. Loreli loves her brother dearly...sometimes her love is scary. So to keep her from killing him and us killing her we distance the two. 

Asleep on the trip home
Cheesy smiles!

Loreli joining Jack on the floor for some wiggle time.

Jack's tush. He's wearing the outfit from Aunt Kristen and Uncle Matt
Precious little sleeper

Tummy time with dad.

So Loreli has learned the fine art of stringing things. Today she strung on a long string a bowl full of cheerios...and then she discovered that you can still eat them!

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Kristen Ellen said...

Jack is such a handsome boy! Sometimes Loreli looks so funny/crazy to me that I think you should have named her Loreli Danger. Jack just looks too peaceful too be dangerous.