Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blessed Baby Jack

On July 1st Shea blessed baby Jack in church. We didn't have any family in town for the blessing, but it was still very special. Ever since we've been married I have been "in charge" of taking pictures (which is why I am normally never in them) and since I've become a mom it's also been my responsibility to diaper and feed the kids aka live in the mother's lounge on Sundays at church. Because of the latter responsibility we did not get any pictures of our family the day Jack was blessed! Loreli ran to nursery and Jack begged to eat. I regret this already, but no worries we did get some pictures (an entire week later)!

No pants! They were a little too hot for our photo shoot.

Love his open mouth!

Love those squishy cheeks!

Meanwhile Loreli dug in the dirt.

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