Friday, July 13, 2012

Video Post

Jack is a really chill little guy. Seriously chill. This little video sums up his life pretty good. Enjoy!


Kristen Ellen said...

He looks so grown up already!

Mysha said...

Has he wiggled out onto the floor yet? Has Loreli figured out how to crawl on top of him in the bouncer yet?

Mysha said...

oh my heck! Have you tried to leave a comment on your blog in a while? I must be a "robot" because I can't read 75 percent of the verification words and blurry random pictures. Uh, "quefgs lightswitch", dang it, uh "27 hebialkd puppy riding on a dandelion" it's impossible I tell you! Just to post this comment it has already taken me 5 tries and I have passed on about 8. Why didn't anyone ever tell me I was a Robot!!!