Thursday, December 13, 2012


We have been enjoying this fabulous Christmas season and therefore haven't been blogging. This Christmas we've been counting down the days until Christmas a couple of ways. One with a nice little treat and another by reading a scripture a day that talks about the Savior. It's been fun to eat treats and read scriptures at the same time. Hmm...I hope this doesn't become a habit.

Scripture Advent
I made a decoration out of scrap wood we had laying around and I think it turned out okay... Loreli on the other hand hates how I spelled merry so she mixes things up a bit. that Jewish?

I finally got around to making stockings this year! Miracle! I was so scared that if they were horrid that I'd ruin every future Christmas or something, but I got over it. So the stockings are done, but the letters are not. I am running out of time since we're leaving earlier than planned for Christmas. Just pretend they all have letters on a ball chain and are so so cute.

Loreli LOVES them! She can't wait for them to be filled with wonderful surprises!
Loreli has an obsession with snowmen lately. So I went to the little craft store in town and got supplies to make a snowman...or in this case woman. She also is donning a snowman dress that Gana and Granddad gave her last year and lets just say she wants to wear it daily. Thanks Gana and Granddad!


PatShala said...

You are one impressive momma!!

Macey said...

I love the stockings Katy! Very cute!