Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're alive!

We're alive despite our lack of blogging. Here's a little picture-less update since our last post: after giving his 2 week notice Shea was "released" from his job so we went to Star Valley a week earlier than planned. We had a wonderful Christmas and wish our trip could have been longer because upon our return home we found water in our basement. So our basement which was once finished is now unfinished. Thank goodness for home owners insurance! Loreli got a cold a few days after returning home which she has now shared with both Jack and Shea. So I've been wiping noses, making lots of gatorade while tending to restless babies. And Shea began his new job with Whiting on the 2nd! Lots of fun times and not so fun times in the last month, but that's life. 

Here are a few pictures of our sickly kids. 
These crummy pictures are from our video camera because our little camera took a swim in the tub. So bear with us.

Sickly, but still happy!

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Mysha said...

So, the Ella and Rivers' reign of sickly terror continues! Sorry! I hope Loreli has a better gag reflex than ella. If it makes you feel better, the coughing boogery horror just lasts two weeks not...three.