Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rule 23

Quite a while back I started compiling a little list of rules.  These are not rules for the kids, or rules of the road but rules of life.  For example: Rule 1- Life is not fair; Rule 2- Never touch, disturb or move a sleeping or happy baby; Rule 6- Do not put anything on a chair or the floor that you do not want sat on/stepped on and broken.

We had the unfortunate opportunity to add another rule to our book.  Rule 23- Always turn your water off if you are leaving your house for more than the night.

 It all started when a 3 dollar valve decided to stop being a valve and to be a faucet instead.  This valve broke and water was shooting past the valve stem.
This is what it did to that room

It's not like I just completely remodeled this bathroom 10 months ago, so you know, not a biggie.
As most people know, houses are not built water tight, unless they are houseboats, do those ever flood?  And would that even be a concern?  Oh no, my boat is wet!  Anyway, since the problem originated in the main floor bathroom, houses are not water tight, and since the finished part of our basement was directly below this spot, the problem went downward.

 I know it is hard to tell what you are looking at, but this is our finished basement.  Including the other bathroom that was recently completely remodeled. 
Oh well, thank goodness for rule 18- Get Insurance!  They paid out quite a bit for all the damages, more than enough to repair them, but now I have to do stuff.
Anyone want to buy a house?
There was a little silver lining in this
We found a rather cute munchkin stuffed behind the sheet rock.  Just kidding.  We had to pull up the carpet in the upstairs hallway and there was this rather gorgeous oak flooring staring back at us.  So we are just going to pull up all the carpet and go with the wood.  

Sorry for the poor quality photos we are functioning with only a phone camera right now (rule 28- digital cameras don't like bubble baths)


Cami Rae Strasser said...

I love your rules! I need to keep track of all the ones we are learning too! Good luck with all the re-remodeling!

Mysha said...

Rule 34: if you have large cracks in your back teeth (aka molars) then don't eat blueberries because you will get seeds lodged in said cracks for more than 4 days and your stupid tongue won't leave them alone until you are left with seed filled cracks and a disfigured cankered tongue.
Also to avoid seed filled cracks do not strip in a bird seed factory.