Sunday, February 3, 2013


I took Loreli to the potty this morning and witnessed something hilarious. She removed the potty seat from the hook on the side of the toilet, placed it in its proper place and then proceeded to remove the bag from her shoulder and placed it on the potty seat hook. Ahhh! I was dying! She did this like she had done it a million times before. Here are a few pictures of the incident.

Remember the dreadful watery accident we had at our house? Well, we are still recuperating from it. The upstairs bathroom has no sink or vanity, no trim, one missing door (there are two entrances), no grout and a missing air vent cover. Hopefully this week we get our bathroom back and can stop brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink! All-in-all just don't think about how icky these pictures are.

"purse holder"

 So. Yes. Loreli is potty training. She has been doing really great and has come to learn that although cold showers sound like fun they in truth are miserable!

As an incentive to use the toilet every time she goes she gets a potty treat. That jar was almost full with skittles when we started and it's less than half full you'd think she'd be a pro at this potty going thing now. Maybe she's tricking me?


Macey said...

Cold showers? Do you stick her in feezing water if she pees her pants? Because that's funny

Shea and Katy Roberson said...

Not if she pees, but if she poops she gets a cold shower. It works too! I haven't had to clean up poopy unders in a week!