Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Day

Happy valentine's day....yesterday. We did celebrate the day, but with moving, house projects and parenting we've been a bit busy and have neglected the blog a bit. So here are a few pictures of the kids on love day.

I made these shirts for the kids two weeks ago when the whole moving thing seemed a little unreal. Oh so by the way, we're moving to Wyoming in one week! Yikes, right? Well, no worries...our house is insane. And as you can see I don't even have time to put pants on the kids. Poor kids. No really, the kids are fine. No one call child services. Everyone and everything is being taken care of. Hang up the phone! So anyway...back to moving, Shea accepted a job in Riverton, Wyoming with Devon Energy at a gas operating plant. We are going to rent our house in North Dakota to our friends and will be renting in Wyoming for a couple of months so we can figure out where to buy a home. Yay for moving!! 

Geesh, can't I just get one good picture? Oh kids.


Mysha said...

You are the best example of un-procastinating! I was getting the girls dressed on Valentines and Rivy looked at me when I pulled her shirt out and said, "Mom, it doesn't have hearts on it." Hmmmm... let me just run to my shirt making warehouse and fix that! ok, so I did go to the office and screen print a heart shirt, but come on! p.s. I'm very excited to see you guys! I've been been training by lifting my couch everyday.

Candace Townsend said...

Awesome shirts lady! Your kids are adorable. I hope you guys are great and everything goes smoothly with your move!