Monday, May 13, 2013

Home away from home

Shea finally got some days off this last weekend so we went to Star Valley for a much needed break from our very dull lives! Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Jack discovered the creek and loved putting his toes in. I bet he would have gone swimming in it if we had let him! Oh and by the way, the water is freezing!

Have I mentioned that little Jack loves Shea? When Shea is around Jack prefers to be with him and honestly I am okay with a break now and then!

Cute kids on a wagon ride!

Mother's day picture with my cute kids!

The most enjoyed activity of all this last weekend was the "jumpoline" or what everyone else knows as the trampoline. As soon as B & T got home from school on Friday they were subjected to lots of jumpoline time. Thanks!

This girl loves to run and loved all of the space this weekend!

Cute little climber

Smiley Jack!
Yay for a nice, relaxing and dull free weekend!
P.S. for any who are wondering. We found a different house on a couple of acres in Riverton, made an offer on Thursday and on Friday it was accepted! We will be closing on June 25th and are so excited to finally get settled in Wyoming! Yipppeee!

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