Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here fishy, fishy

This weeks craft projects were a bunch of little things the kids could play with and one of the little projects I did was a fishing game for Loreli. We played it in the bathtub and that wasn't working well since the magnet kept clinging to the tub. So we filled this bucket with water and it worked perfect!

And of course Jack wanted to play too!

And sometimes they're hard to catch. Darn those flying fish!

Notice the flip-flops. I love it when she does that.

Okay, not that anyone is interested in how much I spent, but if you are here you go. We took a trip a couple of weeks ago to the Dollar Tree (I love this place...everything is a dollar!) and I found some  little plastic cutting mats. I grabbed them up because I knew I wanted to do a fishing game. I used a dowel (cut in half so I can make another one for Jack someday), paperclips, magnet, and a string that I already had. 
Total cost of project: $1!
 Oh and I also got the idea from here. Maybe one day I'll have an original idea. Maybe.

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