Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Loreli is Three!

Loreli is three! She has been anxiously awaiting her birthday for some time now and telling people "my birthday coming soon!" And that it did! Monday night we decorated the house (aka stayed up too late and blew out a lung) and it was well worth the time to see her excitement in the morning! 

Such and happy and surprised little girl
This one is for you Mysha! I love the double circle garland! Go make some!
As requested we ate sprinkle doughnut holes, strawberries and strawberry milk for breakfast. She was in heaven and of course little Jack was pleased with her requests. Shea had one doughnut hole and began to regret his choice and had a low-fat yogurt instead. Lame.

Playing with party blowers

Since Shea was off on her big day we didn't make her wait all day to party. One of these days when He gets a job with normal hours she will have to wait all day long and it will be pure agony. Believe me. I know. 

Hoarding the toy nativity from Grandma and Big Jack so little Jack couldn't get it.

Princess polly pockets!

She was so excited to see all of the princess accessories and clothes organized. Thanks Ellie and Elizabeth for the awesome hand-me-down! It's perfect for her.

She got some awesome letters from Ella and Rivy.

She loved them so much she hugged them! Cousin love.

Loreli has been eyeing this little balloon at Smith's for the last 3 months. So I took a little mental note and picked it up for her and this nice little potted gerbera daisy.

She got a birthday glitter, of course.

Loving the cake from Nina and Gramps! She sang "Happy Birthday to You" about a million times.

She spent all day playing with all of the awesome toys and watched one of her new Angelina Ballerina shows. She was so entertained and played by herself all day! It was perfect! After dinner that night we had "baby and big cupcakes with purple frosting" per her request. 

Somewhere in the whole thing one of her candles went out and she only blew out two. Shea says she'll be short changed her entire life so she should just get used to it.

We sang happy birthday to Jack too, but he didn't wait for us to finish he just went to town on that mini thing! 

Pizza and frosting face. Mmmmm.
Happy Birthday Loreli!


Candace Townsend said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute! I love the tradition of decorating the night before. Happy Birthday to Loreli! It seems like you just had her, how can she already be 3?

Mysha said...

BAHHHH! I am so glad you did the double circles, I am cutting white ones out right now for Christmas decorating! p.s. Happy birthday my favorite niece!

PatShala said...

Happy Birthday! How fun! I love how you focus so much on you sweet children and what they want. You are a fabulous momma!