Thursday, October 31, 2013


Lizards gizzards! Halloween is over. October is over. Where does the time go? Oh well. On to the good holidays.

This year for Halloween Loreli wanted with all of her heart to be Angelina Ballerina. We have read every Angelina Ballerina book the Riverton library has to offer and have watched a few episodes of Angelina and Loreli is smitten. So we made her come to life this Halloween and Loreli is in love!

Her favorite feature was her tail!

Although she was not really involved in the costume assembly, she did inform me that "Angelina doesn't have whiskers." So a simple dot on the nose and she was set! 

I have never been a real fan of Halloween. I always enjoyed dressing up and what kid doesn't love candy? But when it comes to all of the decoratingness I am not a fan of the ghoulish stuff. So we kept it simple. Pumpkins all over, 30 flying bats on the wall and a couple of q-tip skeletons. Done and done.

So proud of her dancing skeletons!

I found a recipe for these fun cookies! Loreli had a blast decorating them with eyeballs and Jack just enjoyed eating them. 

I love the blob of eyes. Loreli is awesome.

We went to the branch party last night and my kids were ecstatic! Loreli loves other kids and Jack just likes treats so it was fun for them to run around like insane kids for a while. And of course I didn't get any good pictures because of the chaos and lack of participation due to the excitement.

Waiting to play a game.
Getting her face painted and Jack in the background. He's a dinosaur? Still out on that one.
Eating a candy bar and oh so happy!
She loved her butterfly face.
Loreli looking at yummy treats and Jack eating a wrapped tootsie roll. 
 Riverton's Halloween festivities were a little later than I would like so today we went to Lander to do a little trick or treating on Main Street. Jack was a little reluctant at first but would run up to the person with a candy bowl and stand there waiting for a treat. Even when he got a treat he would just stand there as if to say "that's it?!"

A lady in one of the shops asked Loreli if she was Angelina Ballerina. Loreli lit up and got excited that someone knew who she was dressed as almost as if she looked just like her! Way to go lady! That made her day!

If we ever ask Jack "what does a dinosaur say?" he opens his mouth real big and does a throaty little roar. It's adorable.

We saw a dog towards the end of our journey and Jack had to stop to holler and point at it.

Cute and distracted siblings.

Hooray for Halloween treats!

I asked Loreli to give me her mousiest face and this is what she came up with. A look of terror and confusion. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what a mouse feels like all the time.

This is Shea. I like him. This is evidence that he was there.

And this is the end of the super long picture filled post.
Happy Halloween Y'all!


Macey said...

First of all, love it! All of it. Loreli makes me laugh so much. That "mouse" face made my whole week. Also, it's crazy to me how fast Jack became a real person. I swear, like two weeks ago he couldn't even walk and now he's running around the streets and wearing real human tennis shoes and being a dinosaur and such. They are hilarious. Cudos on the excellent post, Katy. I pretty much live for your blog and Mysha's.

Mysha said...

Katy, well done on the mouse ballerina costume. And I am going to agree with everything Macey said about the mouse face. I wish Loreli could come to my house everyday and do something funny. That would be the life.