Thursday, December 19, 2013

Look who redid the stockings...

It was Shea. Seriously that boy is compulsive when it comes to sewing and craftiness. Let me tell you he's got problems. Of course I lie and the above description really defines me, Katy. I am guilty of constant craftiness and I love it. So I made stockings last year that I decided I didn't love this year. I am not sure I love these new ones, but this is it. These are the ones we will use forever. Maybe.

I made the tags by printing on some fabric cut out the shape I wanted, added an eyelet and viola. Done. I cannot promise that I won't change those since it was a quick solution to the no name problem. Here's to vowing to not change the stockings for at least...another year.

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Candace Townsend said...

These are awesome! I am also currently making new stockings and totally broke my sewing needle. It's a good idea to print the names on fabric. I haven't decided how to do that part yet, but it looks really good the way you did it!