Thursday, December 19, 2013

Visitors from Tennessee!!

One week after Thanksgiving my parents came to visit! They stayed for 5 of the most frigid days we've this Winter and it was fabulous to have them here! My kids thought so too!

Playing games with Gramps.


The day after they arrived we decorated the tree! Nina quickly strung the lights and then we got to decorating!

Jack just chilled why we decorated. Sweet boy!

After we finished decorating we got to have Christmas! Nina and Gramps sent packages before they came, we wrapped them and then got to enjoy opening them! It was fun and they were so generous! Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts!

My cute dad

Nina and Loreli.

haha she is totally Shea's girl.

That night Shea and I went to a company Christmas party! Hooray for dates!

Loreli before church. She's so sweet.
We did lots of other fun things while Nina and Gramps were here! We went to the doughnut shop, strolled around Lander, got some steals at the local thrift store, played toys, sewed stockings (my mom cut and sewed 12!), watched new shows, ate yummy popcorn, made cinnamon ornaments and painted them! It was such great fun and we hope they will come for another visit soon!

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