Friday, September 12, 2014


At the beginning of August we had our friends Carl and Tracey come visit us! We met them way back when in the Summer of 2008 in Washington D.C. while working for Pinnacle and then we all went to school at BYU-I. Years later after graduating, moving and having kids we've kept in touch and still consider them our best friends. And our kids love their kids. So it's a win win! 

Adorable and wild Vivienne. She's so fun!

Ezra is seriously so cute.

 These two realized they were slouching and not looking manly at all. So this happened. Total tough guys.

I loved watching Ezra and Loreli play. They had a blast! Last time we got them together they were both teeny! Now they can walk, talk and generally act insane together. So fun!

Here they are at Ezra, age 4 and Loreli, age 3 1/2

And way back in August 2011 with less hair: Ezra, age 1 and Loreli, 9 months

Vivienne, age 2 and Jack, age 2

Silly kids! 

And because we're lame awesome Tracey and I aren't in any pictures together! What? So here's a throwback to December 2008. Just pretend we still look like that...all full of energy and childless. Cute, right?

We love you Leder's and were so glad we got to visit with you guys!! We will definitely come visit y'all next time we have a reunion...let's not make it 3 years from now though, okay?

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Carl and Tracey said...

Love this! And what are you talking about?? We totally still look like those smokin hott ladies!