Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Star Valley

A few weeks back the kids and I went to Star Valley! We wanted to spend the last bit of time we could with Badger and Veronica before they headed back to the scholarly grindstone. It was fun! We did some thrifty shopping, went to a cool antiques store, picked choke cherries and sewed skirts for Trinity! And as always, my kids loved just running around and bossing their wonderful aunt and uncle around.

In the words of Loreli: "Me and my mom were picking berries and the ants climbed all over us! On my back, on my neck and on my belly! It was making me feel so horrible! And it was itching very bad! My mom got them off me and they were in my hair! It was so gross."

True story. Apparently we didn't realized we were in an ant colony. Ouch!

Jack didn't pick a single berry. Totally not his thing.

Loreli was persistent and helped me pick a whole ice cream bucket full!

Uncle Bridge is the best!

Talking on the phone...with a bag clip and a lizard.

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