Saturday, November 22, 2014

And then she was 4

I really don't like that my little girl is growing up.  It makes it a little better that she still mispronounces words but how long will that last (sob!).  My current favorites are mistapear (disappear), thingers (fingers), and every word that starts with "b".  That sound is not one made in the English language.  Maybe Russian or Arabic.  Its a soft "g" or "c" type sound made in the very back of the throat.  Awesome.
Anywho, she is now 4. And we had a rainbow unicorn party to celebrate. 
 Breakfast came from the walmart bakery on my way home off night shift.  Never buy doughnuts at walmart.  Even at 6 am they are not fresh and cold.  I couldn't believe it.  

Jack doesn't know how to share or not get something so he had to have a turn blowing out candles too.

Thanks to everyone that sent presents.  Loreli loved every one of them.

 Don't know how this made it onto the wish list since she is not a Hello Kitty fan at all, but if you asked her what she wanted most, she would consistently say "a pink umbrella", but it's pronounced "unrella". 
She was gracious enough to let Jack help unwrap some of them.
Other ones he just decided to abscond with. 

Yeah, there is a large amount of leaves under that snow.  Stupid winter. 

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