Sunday, November 30, 2014

And we gave thanks

This year Thanksgiving was held solo.  I was required to work half the day, which wasn't too bad because I got off at noon and so was able to help make and eat Thanksgiving lunch.  
This year we went with a little different take on the meal and then was annoyed that we had never done it this way before.

Just grill the turkey.  It takes way less time and is the best thing on the whole damn planet.  Granted it wasn't a whole turkey just the drumsticks, still... amazing!

And since it was almost 60 degrees out

 The kids had a great time running around 

 Loreli got into the mood of the holiday

All Jack ate was some sugar packets, but he did enjoy poking his jello. 
And then the events of the day ended with good ole fashioned family fun
Playing rough till someone cries


manny said...

You guys have a yard! I cant wait to come visit once the snow has all dissipated.

Shea and Katy Roberson said...

what snow?

Mysha said...

that was nice of you guys to invite that hobo to dinner...even if you did make him grill the turkey

manny said...

Well there is no snow yet, but just try to drive across I-80 at this time of year. It will just appear out of nowhere and then your stuck in a ditch. Curse you I-80!